Musical On Line Webchat
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Musical On Line Webchat

The Musical On Line classical music chat is the place to relax and discuss the world of classical music with other lovers of the art. Grab a cup of Coffee and join us!

WebChat is an experimental program. Please be patient. If you want to see it improved, send us comments (please) to

Some IMPORTANT usage notes:
Because WebChat allows display of pictures from around the world, it is always possible that a picture is unavailable when your browser tries to get it. If your browser seems to hang, that is probably why. You can proceed by pressing the STOP button - in most cases you'll get all the text, just not all the pictures. Also, if someone sent a huge picture that you don't want to wait for, STOP will help you there as well. Please be respectful of others - try not to send huge inline images. Thanks!

To get more messages, press the CHAT button; not your browser's Reload button.

To put an image or hyperlink in your message, type the address of the destination, but don't use HTML markup language. Example:

Wrong: ..A HREF=">...

Click here for Help.

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